• Welcome

      We, the people of the parish community of Holy Trinity, brought together by a desire to live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, dedicate ourselves to the service of our fellow men and women by being:

      A joyful, vital community of faith, worship and prayer which celebrates the gifts of all its members;

      A welcoming community to all those who seek to follow the Lord;

      Evangelizers of Christ's Word, through the education of the young and the continued spiritual development of adults;

      A haven for all those in need, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, whether inside or outside the Parish community.

    • A Letter From the Pastor
      Dear visitor,
      Welcome! Thank you for visiting our Parish website. We are a small parish in a small town, which means that we can get to know one another. Parishioners refer to each other by just mentioning their first names and we usually know who they are discussing. If you are a visitor passing through Morrisville, you are cordially welcome to join us for Mass. If you are new to Morrisville, please call the Rectory to register. I look forward to meeting you in person. For a small parish, we have many organizations and ministries. I hope that you will feel "at home" at Holy Trinity and join our parish family.
      Father John Eckert